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Community Guidelines

Last updated on December 5, 2019.

Our guidelines were developed to help make every experience feel safe, respectful, and positive. They apply to everyone who uses any of our services, including studio owners, studio represenatives, photographers and crew covering photoshoot, customers and anyone they invited to be part of photoshoot. Thank you for joining us to support and safeguard a welcoming environment.

The guidelines below help explain some of the specific kinds of behavior that may cause you to lose access to BookMyShoot service. There will always be unforeseen events that may ultimately lead to you losing access to the BookMyShoot service—and we’ll update these guidelines regularly—but the following guidelines are sufficient cause for BookMyShoot to take action. Please take a moment to read them.

Guidelines for all of us

Everyone who signs up for an BookMyShoot account is required to follow BookMyShoot's Community Guidelines. They reflect the following 2 pillars and the standards in each of these sections.

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Follow the law
Treat everyone with respect

Our community is remarkably diverse and, chances are, you will encounter people who might not think like you or share your beliefs. The guidelines in this section help to foster positive interactions during every experience.

Treat your fellow BookMyShoot app users as you would like to be treated yourself: with respect. The actions you take while using the BookMyShoot apps can have a big impact on the safety and comfort of others. Courtesy matters. That’s why you are expected to exercise good judgment and behave decently toward other people as you would in any public place.

For example, always try to be on time for your photoshoot because nobody likes to wait. It’s also common courtesy not to shout someone. Most importantly, remember that on photoshoot you will meet people who may look differently or think differently than you. Please respect those differences. We believe that everyone should feel supported and welcomed. That’s why we’ve created standards on physical contact, sexual assault and misconduct, rude behavior, unwanted contact, and discrimination.

Physical contact

Don’t touch strangers or anyone you just met on photoshoot. Hitting, hurting, or otherwise intending to hurt anyone is never allowed. If shoot requires directing customers of perticular position, take permission from them before touching them.

Sexual assault and misconduct

We all value our personal space and privacy. It’s OK to chat with other people. But please don’t comment on someone’s appearance or ask whether they are single. Sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind is prohibited. Sexual assault and misconduct refers to sexual contact or behavior without explicit consent of the other person.

Personal space and privacy should be respected. The following list provides examples of inappropriate conduct.

  • Behaviors and comments that could make people feel uncomfortable are not acceptable. Examples include nudges, whistles, and winks. Don’t touch or flirt with people you don’t know.
  • Certain conversations that could be perceived as harmless can be offensive. Don’t comment on appearance, perceived gender identity, or sexual orientation. Refrain from asking unrelated personal questions, such as "Are you in a relationship?" Avoid discussing your own or someone else’s sex life, using explicit language, or making jokes about sex.
  • BookMyShoot has a no-sex rule. Sexual contact is prohibited, including during a photoshoot, regardless of whether you know the person or they give you their consent. This includes activities such as sexual intercourse, solicitation of sexual intercourse, masturbation, or touching and exposure of sexual body parts.
Threatening and rude behavior

Aggressive, confrontational, and harassing behavior is not allowed. Don’t use language or make gestures that could be disrespectful, threatening, or inappropriate. It may be a good idea to stay away from personal topics that can potentially be divisive, like religion and political beliefs.

Unwanted contact

Contact should end when the photoshoot or all deliverables as per package is complete, unless it’s to return a lost item. For example, texting, calling, visiting, or trying to visit someone in person after a photoshoot or delivery as per package has been completed is not allowed.


You should always feel safe and welcome. That’s why we don’t tolerate conduct we’ve determined to be discriminatory. Do not discriminate against someone based on traits such as their age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national/regional origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant law.

For example, it is unacceptable to refuse to provide services based on characteristics like a person’s age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant law.

In addition, it is not acceptable to discriminate on the basis of customer's or photographer's residential location. It is not a violation of these guidelines to pass on a photoshoot booking because it does not work for you. But intentionally refusing or canceling bookings, or using features in the BookMyShoot apps to avoid receiving bookings, solely for the purpose of avoiding a particular age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national/regional origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant law.

Follow the law

We’re committed to following all applicable laws and earning your trust, and we expect everyone who uses our services to do their part and adhere to applicable laws and regulations.

BookMyShoot has no claims to be a court of law. If you have a dispute with a studio, studio owner, studio representative including photographers and crew, or customer or if you feel their behaviour was illegal as per local law, contact the appropriate authorities directly. We will definately take feedback about related parties, but BookMyShoot is not the appropriate platform for reporting illegal activities, physical confrontations, or anything under investigation by local governing bodies or law-enforcement personnel. We encourage that such accusations be reported to the concerned authorities.