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Studio Siddharth

Bengaluru, Karnataka
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It was not my dream, it was not my ambition, it was not my goal, it was not my career, it was not my vision. " I was not a photographer decade ago" I came to Bangalore from Hassan with a dream, dream of earning money, dream of making good life. But I couldn't achieve by working under someone, I couldn't succeed , I couldn't lead the life the way I wanted, because I was not happy in my work. I lost hope at some point of time. But then the Cameras attracted me. No, not this. I started with video cameras. I was a videographer. The first thing which I earned is People. The first thing I learnt is to talk to people. It gave me enough confidence in my life to achieve more. Worked as videographer for quite a long time. Learnt a lot, earned a bit. Got to get so many people. Later, the still cameras started attacking me. I was thinking, why can't we take better pictures, why can't it be more bright and colorful. I started to explore. Once I started to explore, it became a hobby and then became passion. I decided that I should do something with this, this is my life, I should achieve with these cameras. When hobby becomes passion, sky is the limit. This passion is now earning me friends, people, money and lot of satisfaction. The more and more you click, the more and more you learn. Learning never ends. I'm learning with each and every click and learning with each and everyone whom I interact. Through photography, I try to understand YOU, YOUR EMOTIONS, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR ATTITUDE and try to capture it in a frame. I'm happy and satisfied only when I see smile on you face at the end of the day. That gives me more confidence to capture even more better pictures of you. My enthusiastic team supports me to achieve this. Right now I'm focusing my work within Karnataka. I may extend in future . Come, be a part. Let's capture the Life.

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City: Bengaluru, KarnatakaAll Over Karnataka
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Studio Siddharth

# 2190, LIG 3rd stage. 16th B Cross. Yelahanka new Town, Behind Bus stand
Yelahanka New Town
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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